Samadhan launched in Kalahandi, Odisha

Samadhan was launched in Kalahandi, Odisha on Jan 17th, 2014. The process started a few months back on September with VSO initiating discussions with Collectorate, Kalahandi. With the help of a very supportive Collector and his understanding of the successful implementation of Samadhan in Koraput and support of Seba Jagat as a civil society partner, the process moved quite fast. The training prior to launch was well attended by a large number of district officials. Collector made it adequately clear that grievance redressal is one of the key parameters of success of the administration and the Samadhan platform for Kalahandi shall provide a strong tool to help with the same.

Samadhan platform allows citizens to launch there grievances through multiple channels, namely SMS, Dial In, Paper Complaints or directly online. It links into the grievance redressal workflow of the Government. Presence of civil society at the entry point of grievance makes the process more transparent and trust worthy for both Citizens and the Government. SMS as a new channel to raise grievances is extremely cost effective, as citizen’s need not travel a long distance to the Collectorate or Block office to raise issues.

VSO is the funding partner for the Kalahandi initiative and committed it’s strong program support for sustenance of the initiative in Kalahandi.

Tangere is the technology provider for Samadhan has been involved in conceptualizing and delivering the technology. The platform is now running smoothly in 3 districts as on 21 Jan 2014.